Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Medical Gap Plans Can Ease the "Bite" of High Deductible Group Health Insurance Texas Plans

Probably everyone in Dallas Garrison Worth cognizes person who had a major unwellness or accident that wasn't totally paid for by their company's grouping wellness coverage plan. Group wellness coverage rates have got got got climbed abut twelve to 15 percentage per year, and employers have had to raise deductibles and coinsurance to cut down the expense.

The consequence is that today, employees in Dallas Garrison Worth with grouping wellness coverage have two to three modern times as much fiscal hazard from a major medical accident or unwellness claim as they did a decennary ago. An employee with a household workings for a company with grouping wellness coverage is often exposed to over $10,000 in major medical disbursal risk, and there looks to be no end in land site to charge per unit additions and deductible increases. And today in Dallas as in the remainder of the country, medical disbursals are the peak ground for personal bankruptcy.

With that as a backdrop, Colonial Voluntary Insurance introduced in Lone-Star State in August a new medical spread program that takes the "bite" out of major medical disbursal risks. What medical spread plans, or medical coverage spread programs make is wage the employee hard cash to cover major medical coverage claims. Thus the employee have the money to cover their medical bills, and the employer have an employee who is more than productive and not as stressed.

The Colonial medical spread program is very affordable, and have a figure of options that let the employee to cut down much or all of their grouping medical coverage plan's out of pocket risks. Like most of Colonial's products, the new medical coverage spread program is a grouping merchandise that is offered by the employer, and the employee can buy voluntarily and have got deducted from their wage check.

Dallas country employers can also buy and pay for the Colonial Life and Accident medical coverage spread program for their employees. In fact, by combining Colonial's medical spread program with a high deductible grouping wellness plan, we have got establish that employers can take down their employee's medical out of pocket disbursal hazard at a less cost than if they purchased a grouping wellness wellness coverage program with a less deductible.

Colonial even offers a version of the new medical spread program that is compatible with wellness nest egg business relationship grouping wellness coverage programs as well as traditional copay grouping wellness coverage plans.

Medical spread programs offering Dallas country employers another manner to offer their employees more benefits and salvage money.

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