Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hinduja Group's set with health plan, to enter TN

CHENNAI: This Diwali, it will be
raining undertakings from the diversified pudding stone Hinduja Group. The group
plans to establish a corsage of undertakings in healthcare, existent estate and insurance
sectors, its focusing areas, between November 9 and 15 this year. Group
chairman Ashok Hinduja said they had mega programs for the healthcare sector and
more specifically, the group’s programs for Tamil Nadu could fructify soon. It is already engaged in dialogues with some infirmaries in the city, as part
of its procedure to reconnoiter for Tertiary infirmaries in the state and grade two towns. The group, which already have a 300-bed Tertiary infirmary in Mumbai, is aiming
to make 5,000 beds across the country. Stating that the formal
announcements will go on around Diwali, he said, “There is also some
vacant land and we have got all the clearances ready. So, we are looking at
something to begin with immediately. We are looking at both greenfield and
brownfield options. Entry into Tamil Nadu can go on in one hebdomad or even three
months, depending on the negotiations,” helium told ET on the outs of-bounds of a
press conference here on Monday. This come ups on the dorsum of its tie-up
with Limitless LLC, a planetary incorporate existent estate development arm of Dubai
World, a Dubai-government owned entity. Under the joint venture, a spectrum of
services, including Medicare services and substructure in Republic Of India and in places
like Dubai, are covered. “Limitless and ourselves have got entered
into a joint venture. In the 51:49 JV, we will have got 51 stake. The undertaking will
not only have got substructure related to to infirmaries but those related to real
estate also,” Ashok Hinduja said, adding investings were not a job at
all. Along with its partner, the grouping is setting up a concatenation of
hospitals across the country. Initially, it will set up its presence in the
metros before tapping the tier-II towns, he said. “There is no
dearth of money. The trade name value for the infirmary is there. Most of import is
the location, the type of doctors, the medical attention because batch of market
research have happened over the last few months. Problem is medical care. We want
to see first how we travel into the metropolises and then towns, on a hub and spoke model. We desire to make 5,000 beds across the country. That is the target,” he
said, not specifying the clip frame. The grouping is also looking for
partners to acquire into life and non-life insurance segments. Ashok Hinduja was in
Chennai, along with grouping president Gopichand Phosphorus Hinduja, to formally announce
the Ashok Leyland-Nissan Motor alliance.

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