Friday, October 19, 2007

Stupid Car Accident - Should I Report the Claim?

There is no stupid auto accident out there. They go on all the time. Yet, one thousands of people diminution to register an coverage claim because they experience embarrassed. People also cognize that filing a claim that is of "lower"
amount will only increase their rates. They make up one's mind that it is better to pay out of pocket and phone call it good.

Is this a good approach? The logical thinking is definitely sound. However, there are certain things you should be aware before making this decision.

You have got an affirmatory duty to describe a loss to your coverage company. It makes not substance that it is a "stupid auto accident" or one with minimum damages. Your coverage policy spells out your duty to name in and study what happened. You only have got "a reasonable" clip to name in. What is a sensible time? That is up to debate, but more than than twelve calendar months will probably go forth you with no coverage.

The reverberations of not filing a claim are severe. The coverage company can worsen payment for your amends or amends to any 3rd political party devising claims against you. If you backed up into your garage door, then you are safe. However, if you hit a pole, the pole proprietor can come up back and lawsuit you two old age later (depending the legislative act of restrictions in your state). If you were more than concern with you have got vehicle and declined to at least phone call the coverage company, then you will have to supply for you have defense.

Does this happen? Yes it does! People will seek to litigate you if they believe they can acquire 5 bucks. Not reporting a stupid auto accident can stop up costing you a package in lawyer fees.

In world the "pole" harm is not a very large concern. However, if you touch another vehicle, then you could have got a claim for bodily injuries. It could be from the individual in the other vehicle or even your ain
passenger. It makes not substance that the lawsuit is ludicrous. You will have got to support yourself. Hiring an lawyer is not cheap, and if you failed to name in the claim, then the coverage company will not supply a defence for you.

Do you believe there are frivolous lawsuits out there? Yep, everyday, and it just looks like there are lawyers willing to litigate just about everyone. Bash not go their victim for a "stupid auto accident", study the claim.

Most of the clip career your agent is not enough. Brand certain you name the existent coverage company claims department. Some agents never acquire around filing a claim. They believe that the claim not a large trade and never file. If this occurs, the coverage company could still worsen to support you and you would have got to travel after the agents' Mistake and Omissions coverage policy (a large hurting you cognize where).

Be aware of some agents out there. Most of them are very good and very honest, but there are some that volition prevarication to sell you a policy or to deter your word form filing a claim. Insurance agents acquire their cut by
merchandising coverage policies. They also acquire other inducements by merchandising policies that consequence in no claims. The agent have vested involvement in discouraging you from filling that stupid auto accident.

You can always name the insurance company and study the claim to protect your coverage. Then you can state them that you will cover the claim yourself. If you truly have got a stupid auto accident, then your claim
adjustor will observe the claim and then fold your file. Now you will be fully protected even if a frivolous lawsuit ever originates against you.

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